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Omega 3 Milk and other Dairy products


Milk, particularly cow and buffalo milk is consumed by both vegetarian and non vegetarian all over the world. Milk is important source of good animal protein, with appropriate levels of essential amino acids. However, the fat in milk is saturated and cholesterogenic. Therefore, skimmed milk is considered healthy.

The fundamental difference between cattle milk and human milk is higher levels of Omega 3 in human milk. We need to appreciate that cattle milk is really meant for the calf, and they don’t need to grow large smart brain like humans. So it is imperative that we need to defat the cattle milk and refat with Omega 3 fat and make it healthier and more suitable for human consumption.

The Omega 3 fortifier developed at BVDU when added to low fat milk at 5g/liter can enrich milk with 750 mg Omega 3 fatty acid/liter.

So also Omega 3 fortifier developed ghee (dehydrated butter) demonstrably completely nullifies cholesterogenic property of ghee.

‘Similarly other dairy products, yoghurt, ice-cream, chocolates etc can also be enriched with Omega 3 with our Omega 3 fortifier.