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A Grade University Status by MHRD, Govt of India
Accredited & Reaccredited with A Grade by NAAC

Bharati Vidyapeeth, the parent body was established has over 180 educational institutions imparting education from pre-primary to the postgraduate stage. BVDU, having 29 constituent units, conducting study programmes in different disciplines, including modern medicine, dentistry, Ayurved, Homoepathy, Nursing Arts, Science, Commerce, Engineering Pharmacy, Management, Social sciences, Law Environmental Science, Architecture, Hotel Management, Tourism, and Catering Technology, Physical Education, Computer Science, Library Science, and Information Technology etc

Educational Institutes in Bharati Vidyapeeth have achieved an acclaimed academic excellence. Established academic excellence of Bharati Vidyapeeth University has attracted hundreds (734) overseas students from 45 countries.

One of the distinctive feature of this University is that it has three self financing research Institutes carrying out researches in important areas in health related sciences, pharmaceutical sciences and social sciences.

Interactive Research School for Health Affairs (IRSHA) has focused on crucial role of Omega-3 fatty acid in human health today more particularly mother and child health. Realizing the extraordinary importance of omega-3 fatty acid and the deficiency of omega-3 fatty acid, a division “ Center for innovation in Nutrition” created within IRSHA focuses its research “ to BRING BACK OMEGA-3 FATTY ACID INTO FOOD CHAIN.


Center For Innovation In Nutrition, Health & Disease Research (CINHD)

The prime aim of this research center is to provide disease preventing measures through nutrition. CINHD is a platform to research and develop ideas, to effectively tackle problems in Nutrition Health and Disease, into innovative solutions. We believe that nutrition is the key to health. Moden diet is deficient of Omega 3 fatty acid (essential polyunsaturated fatty acid) and is responsible for increase in incidences of various degenerative disease like heart attack, diabetes, arthritis etc. Hence to bring back Omega 3 in food chain, we have resourced Omega 3 from Flaxseed which is a richest vegetarian sourve of Omega 3 (ALA-Alfa Linolenic Acid). With the support of ICAR/NAIP World Bank assisted research projects, since last decade we have developed various value addition innovative products derived form Flaxseed.

In order to further validate such promising innovations, antoher unit has been established under the name:REAL WORLD NUTRITION LABORATORY FOUNDATION (RWNLF)