Flax Bio-village Concept

In order to promote linseed agriculture and to resource Omega-3 from linseed to enrich various Omega-3 products, Flax Biovillage Concept was developed by Center for Innovation in Nutrition Health Disease (IRSHA) , Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune (India).

The concept brings about backward linkage with the linseed growing farmers and forward linkage with the market and consumer.

Various Innovations for value addition to linseed include linseed agriculture stable omega-3 oil, Omega-3 soft gel, Omega -3 fortifier, Omeg-3 milk and dairy products, Enriched feed mix for layer and Omega-3 eggs, enriched feed mix for broiler and Omega -3 chickens.

Extensive studies have been conducted on SDG (a phytoestrogen) for its application as cardio protective and anti metastatic breast cancer activities. Cake also has the potential to be developed as high fiber, low carbohydrate protein Omega-3 cereal.

The linseed straw has a very high quality fiber (linen), which can be expected for cloth and high quality handmade paper. Real World Nutrition Laboratory Foundation has been established to validate the linseed derived products.

All this adds value to linseed and translates into better income to the farmer and would promote linseed agriculture. Government of India has awarded ICAR (AICRP) Linseed Value Addition Center to BVDU, to get linked with the remaining 13 ICAR linseed agriculture center and realize the mission: Omega-3 nutritional security.