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What is Omega 3?

Omega 3 fatty acid – Alpha linoleic acid ALA found in flax seed or linseed is the essential vegetarian
omega 3 fatty acid. Essential means we cannot synthesize ALA in our body.

We must get it from our food or supplement from ALA we can make EPA and DHA in our body. EPA and DHA can also be directly obtained from fish and fish oil. RWNLF provides ALA from linseed in the form of supplement such as soft gel form and in the form of Omega 3 enriched foods – Egg, Milk and Chicken etc.

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Why Omega 3?

Our modern diet is very deficient in omega -fatty acid. Increase in severity of several chronic degenerative diseases
such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, mental illness etc is attributed to the low availability of this
crucial essential nutrient in our modern diet. Omega 3 fatty acid is needed for all ages from conception to death.

Omega 3 fatty is must, for expecting mother, for successful full term pregnancy and fetus health, for the child for normal brain growth,
for adult cardio protection, regulating insulin and sugar, for aged eye health, arthritis, cancer, mental health.

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How is Omega 3?

There are three main forms of Omega 3 fatty acid. ALA, found in linseed is the essential form of Omega 3 fatty acid. ALA is converted
into long chain fatty acids Eicosopentanoic acid (EPA) and decosahexanoic acid (DHA) in human body.
EPA, primarily anti-inflammatory, forms hundreds of eicosanoids and lipid modulators regulating thousands of reactions within the cellsf.
DHA is an important
component of brain and nervous tissue. ALA, competing with Omega 6 linoleic acid (LA), suppresses inflammatory arachidonic acid formation.
Presently with excessive intake of Omega 6 LA through edible oil, inflammatory pathways are dominant in modern man, leading to unprecedented increase in
chronic degenerative diseases in modern society. So it is important to increase intake of Omega 3 in the form of ALA.



RWNLF is a “Not for profit “registered company under section 8 company act 2013 constituted to test the innovations developed at CINHD for its commercial potential. At RWNLF we have scaled up the operation with the aim to take these innovative products to society.
Today we have a peculiar situation wherein the health problems of poor countries such as high rates of infectious diseases, infant mortality, maternal nutrition and child health coexist with high rates of degenerative diseases like CVD, diabetes, mental health, cancer etc.










Our Product

Research and Innovation

Center for Innovation in Nutrition Health Disease (CINHD) is a platform to research and develop ideas, to effectively tackle problems in Nutrition Health and Disease, into innovative solutions. In order to further validate such promising innovations, another unit has been established under the name: Real World Nutrition Laboratory Foundation (RWNLF): RWNL Foundation undertakes production of promising innovations and validates them, in real life situations and markets them for consumer acceptability and probable market for such products. Fully tested and proven technologies then get ready for full scale commercial exploitation to achieve the desired impact on the welfare of the society.Linseed Value Addition – wealth to Farmers and health to society is a mission of RWNLF.

Seed production of PKV.NL.260, a high yielding, disease resistant with high omega-3 fatty acid, was undertaken for supplying high quality seeds to the farmers. Pioneering Innovative “Flax Bio-village” model, developed by BVDU, adds value to linseed in multiple ways. The omega-3 oil is extracted under non-oxidizing (under nitrogen) cold press extraction from High Omega linseed (PKV.NL.260) and processed to produce various omega-3 products, such as omega-3 oil, omega-3 soft gel, omega-3 fortifier that can enrich dairy products (milk, ghee, chocolates, sweets etc).Partly de-oiled cake still rich in omega-3 is processed to produce omega-3-enriched poultry feed to produce omega-3 egg and omega-3 chicken meat. These products will boost dairy, poultry, bakery and nutraceutical industries in the country.



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